Pastors & Staff

Elders Tarvaris and Sirez McCoy

Senior Pastor and Leading Lady

Elder Tarvaris has a passion for reaching and encouraging people. He has often said that he “wishes for everyone with whom he comes into contact to leave better off than they came”. As Pastor of Love Integrity Faith Excellence Church West Richmond, Elder Tarvaris seeks to reach people where they are and create a culture of faith, family and the father’s love where all are welcomed and growing.
Lady Sirez is a woman after God's own heart. She has a passion for encouraging women and children toward excellence.
Elder Tarvaris and Lady Sirez are parents of three children; Tarvaris II, Callie and Ava.

Elders James and Gwen Tunstall

Administration and Family Care


Elders Karl and Lashawn Fox

Discipleship and Healthy Relationships


Elder Rodney Holloman

Missions and Outreach