Founding Pastors

Bishop Darryl F. Husband, Sr. and Elder Sherrine C. Husband


Bishop Darryl F. Husband, Sr., is the founder of Life More Abundant Ministries. Bishop and Elder Husband are Co-Founders of the Alliance where Bishop Husband serves as Presiding Prelate, Alliance of Ministries Equipping Nations (A.M.E.N.) – a fellowship of churches and men and women of God with the anointing in their lives to break strong holds and release the area troops to continue the work they begun. For more than 32 years he has served as Senior Pastor to the Mount Olivet Church. Bishop Darryl and Elder Sherrine Husband have founded and implemented many ministries, including L.I.F.E Church West and the soon-to-be announced L.I.F.E Church South. Bishop Husband’s passion for training leaders is evident through the growing Mount Olivet Leadership Education Network (MOLTEN) Bible Institute and newly formed Church Leadership Training School.